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 ‘Starting the conversations through film by creating dialogue through captured events’





What is LABIFA?

It is in simplest form it is a collection for collaboration, of the creative and professional businesses of African Americans in Louisiana’s Film Industry.   Or more formally known as –
Louisiana Association {of} Black Independent Film Artists.







Through these opportunities, our mission is to open doors previously closed, and awaken new minds to the full potential of the legacies yet created in Black film.   And to create opportunities to not only grasp the gold ring, but to also pass the baton on as well.









Real Stories We’d Like To See Created…By Us.

Taking Our Lead From A Place In Africa…


Ilse van Lamoen

Daughters of the Niger Delta is a bottom-up film production. Rather than bringing in external filmmakers to document the lives of women, young women from the heart of the region were equipped with the tools and skills to do so themselves. They were trained in filmmaking as part of a MIND capacity building program entitled FEMSCRIPT. The peer filmmakers were in the driving seat of framing the film’s messages and images, coached by professional researchers and filmmakers. They did research on gender and women’s human rights in their own communities. They spent weeks with everyday women to capture their daily lives on film and encourage them to share their life stories. The result is a touching testimony of everyday life, highlighting injustices that we rarely hear about in the news.


The trainees were amazingly successful in building up trust amongst their peers.

Women who never learned to speak up for themselves gradually opened up in front of the camera.

This level of trust would have been impossible to build up even by the most seasoned external film crew. In the edit stage, the peer filmmakers helped picking, framing, and validating the film’s key messages. They deserve just as much credit for the end result as the director, trainers, and editors involved in the project.


During my first years in Nigeria, I had worked for several months with a non-profit organization in the heart of the Niger Delta (Yenagoa). I had met many women in the region and directly witnessed their daily lives. It struck me that women and girls were heavily affected by the oil and gas pollution and conflicts in their region, yet they were glaringly absent in most media and civil society reports published about the Niger Delta at the time. What we tend to see in the media are armed attacks to oil company bases, kidnappings by armed local groups, and stories about illegal oil bunkering and refinery. Women hardly ever are consulted as news or policy analysts, spokespersons, or witnesses on the ground. MIND wanted to draw attention to the human rights of women and girls in the region – and felt that no one would better be able to do so than women women from the area themselves. Together with female filmmaking trainers from the Dutch organization FLL we enrolled the participatory research and filmmaking project FEMSCRIPT (funded by Cordaid and the Dutch embassy in Abuja). In FEMSCRIPT, a group of young women from the Niger Delta were trained in gender and human rights. Based on research in their own communities, they each chose one issue that they considered key for promoting women’s advancement in their own home towns. They jointly produced nine short films about these chosen topics:

* Access to Health Care: Tuomo (Bayelsa State) & Olomoro (Delta State)

* Women’s Work Load: Akassa (Bayelsa State) & Patani (Delta State)

* Rights of Widows: Amassoma (Bayelsa State) & Bodo-City (Rivers State)

* Access to Water: Obiaruku (Delta State)

* Right to Education: Belema-Polo (Rivers State)

* Environmental Pollution: Bonny (Rivers State)

The short films were intended to be used for local advocacy purposes, but the messages seemed important enough to be shared with a wider audience. Thanks to a grant from the German Embassy we were able to collect additional footage and produce Daughters of the Niger Delta.

The film is made by nine women from the Niger Delta. 
“The selection of the filmmaking trainees was a highly competitive process. We publicly announced the traineeship vacancy and the response was overwhelming. Based on a range of selection tools including motivation letters, qualifications, recommendations, test assignments, and interviews we shortlisted nine candidates. MIND regretfully had to turn down many great candidates, but the trainees who made it through the competitive procedure turned out to be a winning team.”

Excerpt Source: https://londonfeministfilmfestival.com/past-festivals/lfff2013/director-interviews/ilse-van-lamoen/



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All In-State Projects – Entities either in pre- or post production, or are currently filming in Louisiana, and are seeking local cast and crew hires are listed below.

Please contact each production directly for
complete information.


Source: https://louisianaentertainment.gov/





Feature film Alex and Me will shoot October 19th for 20 days in New Orleans. Please send resumes
to jlalexmovie@gmail.com


Television series The First starring Summer Phoenix and Cary Elwes will film October 24th to March 2018 in New Orleans. Please send resumes to thefirstresumes@gmail.com



Feature film A Violent Separation is filming until November 1st in New Orleans. Please send resumes to aviolentseparationdistro@gmail.com


Television series Shadows is filming until November 1st in New Orleans. Please send resumes to shadowsresumes@gmail.com


Television series NCIS New Orleans is filming until April 30th in New Orleans. Please send resumes to ncisnolaresumes@gmail.com


Feature film Out of Blue starring Patricia Clarkson will film October 2nd  for 28 days in New Orleans. Please send resumes to bluenolamovie@gmail.com


Scooty Woop Entertainment’s feature film Airspace is slated to shoot in Shreveport. Please direct resumes to airspacefilm@gmail.com. More information will become available as this production develops.

Bonnie & Clyde

Sony Pictures Television Mini Series Bonnie & Clyde will start shooting March 7 in Baton Rouge. Please send resumes to bandcproduction@hotmail.com More information will become available as this production develops.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Fox feature film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will shoot March 2013 in New Orleans. Please send resumes to dotpota@gmail.com.


Feature film Heat starring Jason Statham will shoot April 1 for 8 weeks in New Orleans. Please direct resumes to heatthemovie@gmail.com


Jingle Doggie

Independent feature film Jingle Doggie will start shooting late March/early April in and around New Orleans. More information will become available as this production develops.

Maze Runner

Gotham Group’s feature film Maze Runner will shoot May 6th to July 1st in Baton Rouge. Please direct resumes to mazerunnerthemovie@gmail.com

The Kennedy Detail

AEI’s feature film The Kennedy Detail will shoot March 11 for 6 weeks in New Orleans. Please direct resumes to kennedyresumes2013@gmail.com


When the Game Stands Tall

Mandalay Pictures’ feature film When the Game Stands Tall will shoot April 22nd for 7 weeks in and around New Orleans. Please direct resumes to standtallmovie@gmail.com

Grudge Match

Warner Bros. feature film Grudge Match starring Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, and Kevin Hart will shoot January 7th for 45 days in New Orleans. Please send resumes to grudgematch2013@gmail.com

House of Horror

Feature film House of Horror is shooting February 2013 in Baton Rouge. Please direct resumes to hohprod12@gmail.com

Untitled Detective Project

HBO Entertainment’s television series Untitled Detective Project starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson is shooting January 22, 2013 until June in New Orleans. Please send resumes to allegraproductions@gmail.com


For up-to-the-minute opportunities, follow Louisiana Entertainment on Twitter (@louisianaentbiz) and Facebook. Call 225.342.FILM to access the hotline by phone, or download a copy.

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