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We need your help in the endeavors to empower indie artists. Your kind gift can go long way towards posterity and the arts. Through these offerings our network is able to produce ‘ women empowering’ plays, indie short films, and our youth projects – MyMusicMyFilm!

Money donated will be used for Production expenses along with additional monies raised through a variety of sources. Including private investments, fundraising events, sponsorships and donations. Even a small donation will help. Money donated will be immediately put into production and will go toward equipment, editing, CGI environments, ADR and sound recording, soundtrack, rendering, mastering and other necessities of making movie magic.  Won’t you help today?

There are nine little comfort zones to choose from. Where’s your comfort zone?


  • $10                Honorary Sponsor I
  • $25                Honorary Sponsor II
  • $50                Honorary Sponsor III
  • $75                Honorary Sponsor IV
  • $100               Silver Level
  • $500               Pearl Level
  • $1,000           Gold Level
  • $5000            Diamond Level
  • $10,000 +     Platinum Level –

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